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Five Ways to Prevent a Clogged A/C Drain Line

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During the hot summer months, it’s especially important to keep an air conditioner drain line clean and free of blockage so that water and moisture can travel freely throughout the A/C unit during the cooling process. Otherwise, the drain lines can clog up with mold or dust, becoming harmful to those who breath in the air they expel.

Here are 5 ways to prevent your A/C drain line from clogging.

Clean it Regularly

Cleaning your drain line at least once a year, or more frequently depending on where you live and how often your air conditioner is used throughout the year, can help prevent a clogged air conditioner drain line. With a proper cleaning, fungus or excess water won’t have a chance to build up.

Use High-Quality Air Filters 

Good quality air filters can also help prevent drain clogs, as they keep dust particles and other material from building up on the evaporator coils. These air filters should also be changed out regularly, or they will have too much material on them to do their job effectively.

Use Bleach

Make a point of pouring a little bit of bleach into the drain line every three to six months to clean out any harmful material that may be building up. If you are afraid that this will make the room stink of bleach, you can also use a small amount of vinegar and water. Either method will help get rid of the first stages of a buildup and keep the drain line clean.

Routine Maintenance

Regularly-scheduled maintenance and tune-ups can go a long way. If you have your air conditioner unit inspected once or twice a year, a technician will be able to spot a problem early on and suggest solutions for it, or take care of it themselves. Having your equipment checked up regularly is the best thing you can do to prevent drain lines from clogging, and can save you money and time on repair woes.

Call a Pro

If you’re still not sure what to do, or suspect your A/C’s problem is getting worse, don’t be afraid to call a professional. You should have a technician’s phone number available at all times in case of a plumbing emergency.

If you think your air conditioner’s drain line may be clogged, don’t hesitate to call C&W Plumbing today. The problem could persist, get worse and potentially cause harm to yourself and others.

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