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How To Remove Unwanted Tub Stains

Tub StainHaving trouble getting rid of that bathtub stain? You’re probably not the only one.

Tub stains can be a nuisance for someone looking to turn a bathroom into a masterpiece. Fortunately, there are methods to getting rid of unwanted stains. In order for that to happen, however, homeowners must know what their tubs are made of.

Most bathroom tubs are made out of one of three materials – porcelain, enamel or acrylic. While porcelain may be considered the most durable, acrylic and enamel may be the easiest to damage without proper instruction. Know which material your tub is made of, and know how to treat said material.

For porcelain tubs, the best answer to get rid of stains may be an abrasive powder, such as Ajax or Comet. Some experts suggest over cleaner as an alternative for white porcelain, but it can take the color away from colored porcelain.

For enamel tubs, it’s best to use a mold or mildew remover – such as Tilex. With enamel tub removers, it’s a must that you find one that does not contain bleach. Enamel and bleach clash and can leave dark stains in your tub. Feel free to use a calcium, lime and rust remover (CLR, for example) for bleach stains, if this occurs.

Acrylic tubs are easy to clean, as they require soft cleaners, such as Soft Scrub, to remove stains. Scouring pads can scratch acrylic and make it lose its luster.

If all else fails, let our experienced Lewisville TX plumbing technicians assist you with your tub problems. Feel free to contact our Lewisville plumbing company for more information on removing unwanted tub stains. Call us, or contact us online today.